Tapwell provides a 2-year product warranty & 5-year function/spare parts warranty 
2 year product warranty

In accordance with current EU legislation, Tapwell is responsible for errors in goods that appear within 2 years from the delivery date.
The warranty period for the replaced product or spare part does not exceed the warranty period for the original product and thus does not extend the warranty.

5 year functional warranty
Tapwell undertakes to provide free of charge spare parts for maintained function* that are not due to normal wear and tear for 5 years from the date of delivery.

* By spare parts for maintained function is meant:
Ceramic cartridges
Thermostat cartridges

Limitation of liability
Tapwell is not responsible for defects due to normal wear and tear, and only on condition that the product is professionally assembled in accordance with Tapwell's assembly instructions and used in an intended and correct manner. Liability does not cover damage due to freezing or impurities in the water. The warranty also does not apply to aesthetic defects caused by improper cleaning or normal use, i.e. minor scratches, which may be considered normal wear and tear. Some of Tapwell's finishes are 'living' finishes and age, oxidize and get patina over time. That type of change is not covered by the liability and warranty period.