Care instructions

Quality Control

Tapwell has a strict quality control where each mixer is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. Tapwell’s mixers are free of maintenance for at least 5 years under normal conditions.


Sanitary Ware:

Clean the product with a soft cloth and warm water. The surfaces do not withstand basic, acidic, lime dissolving or abrasive detergents. Brass is a material that over time will get a beautiful patina but can be polished with brass polish. Copper and Grottesco (crude brass) should not be polished. The other surfaces keep their original colors.

Kitchen Sinks and Wash Basin:

Take good care of your sink and/or wash basin. Always clean after usage in order to retain the stainless steel shine and extend the life span. Use dish washer detergent and water for cleaning. Make sure to wipe the surface dry after usage and avoid to let liquids selfdry. Avoid strong solutions of mineral acids as well as some organic acids that can cause corrosion of the stainless steel surface. You should also avoid chlorine solutions and silver polish. Be sure to remove food products containing acids (juices, vinegar, mustard, salt, etc.).

Your sink/wash basin will get scratches, it is inevitable. But to limit the scratches, never use hard or sharp objects on the surface. Also avoid putting hot pots and pans into your sink/wash basin. Scouring powder and steel wool will scratch the surface but can also cause rust. The scratches will over time be evened out and become a natural part of the patina that occur. The gloss of the stainless steel consists despite scratches.

Our colored sinks/wash basins are also stainless steel, coated with a thin film of nitride. The method is called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and provides, in addition to a unique color, a durable surface.


The water pipes to mixer must be flushed before installation.


Lubricate only with silicone grease