Sustainability in focus: Tapwell Group promotes a responsible and environmentally friendly business.

We strive to integrate sustainability into every step of our business, from production to deliveries and recycling. By offering quality products with a long lifespan, made from sustainable materials, Tapwell Group strives to create profitable businesses while contributing to community benefit.

For Tapwell, sustainability is about taking a holistic perspective and considering social, economic and environmental aspects within the company. Sustainability work is an integrated part of the group and it is a natural part of our daily work. Through clear goals and continuous improvement, we focus on promoting sustainable development with the UN Global Goals as a guide.

The company has specifically selected focus areas to achieve its goals, which include reducing the products' climate and environmental impact, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing results and efficiency, using materials from sustainable processing and running a responsible business. By working towards the UN's global sustainability goals, Tapwell Group strives to make a real difference for a more sustainable future.

Read Tapwell's entire Sustainability Statement here.