About Tapwell

It’s all about the feel.

It’s the design, the depth and the texture. It’s material choices, care for the details and a meticulous approach in every stage of the manufacturing process. Taken together, this creates the feel, and this cannot really be described, only experienced. This is a feeling that you will have every morning when you take a shower, every day when you use the kitchen and the bathroom. An experience intimately associated with everyday quality of life.

We prioritize a perfect end result ahead of making things easy for ourselves. We blend genuine gold and platinum in the galvanizing process. We let the design govern the width of the pipe rather than simply using standard dimensions, and we insist on casting every single little component in brass. At the same time, we are keen to maintain a reasonable price level. A bathroom renovation or a new kitchen is often a major investment. So it’s important that the details that stand out enhance the overall impression, as well-selected accessories should do. They are the room’s ornaments.

We are a Swedish company, with Scandinavian aesthetics and a high degree of curiosity about modern technologies and current interior design trends. We are constantly introducing new designs and developing our range with innovative surface treatments. And we naturally keep a very close eye on building standards, insurance requirements and installation methods. We have been collaborating with the same Italian manufacturers since the beginning twenty years ago, as we know that they don’t take any short cuts. We will always put quality first. For the sake of the feel.